Nitinex System Features and Benefits

Low profile compression staple
  • Shape memory nitinol implants provide constant, active compression, with no heat activation
  • Barbed implant designed to facilitate insertion and resist back-out

  • Low profile flat implant bridge designed to reduce soft tissue irritation

  • A stronger, more durable compression staple versus leading competitor

  • Market leading range of implant sizes from 8-25mm to address most clinical indications in hand and foot fixation including various bicortical implant designs.

  • Implant caddy offers surgeon visualization of implant during implant selection

  • Reduced OR times, no instrumentation waste or disposal costs

  • Calibrated orthopaedic instrumentation and color coded system offer easier OR identification 

Foot ankle surgery staple procedures
Hand surgery staple procedures

Lapidus post-op X-Ray Staple
Low Profile Vilex Staple Lapidus Surgery.jpg