The HammerFUZE Hammertoe Correction System features cannulated self-drilling, self-tapping, straight and angled titanium implants with fully cannulated instrumentation.

Cannulated Instrumentation

The HammerFUZE System instrumentation includes cannulated instrumentation for a simplified surgical approach: stop-drill, broach, and driver.

  • Stop drill offers precise drill depth for distal end of implant
  • Sharpened broach matches the profile of distal end of implant
  • Driver designed for implantation of straight and angled implants and laser-marked to identify proper final implant orientation.
  • Fully cannulated system assists in precise positioning and ergonomic instrument design offers surgeons comfort.

Straight and Angled Cannulated Implants

Three sizes of cannulated straight and angled implants are offered to address a broad range of patient anatomy and variation in bone quality.

Angled-HammerFuze-Implant_Profile - with wire.jpg

Optional wire placement across the arthrodesis allows pass-through into the metatarsal for additional stability

CompTWIST Technique

HammerFUZE implants feature a helical distal barb design which is designed to offer additional intraoperative compression of the arthrodesis via the optional CompTWIST technique.