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Low Profile Frame Design with SpringWalk

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Statix System Features and Benefits

  • Reduced profile ring thickness
  • Footplates, Full, 5/8, Half, 3/8 anodized rings 
  • 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 210mm ring sizes
  • Standard External Fixation hardware with refined features for stable fixation
  • Specialty components include hinges and linear distractors for complex cases
  • Smooth or Olive Bayonet, Drill Tip, or Trocar Tip wires and Half Pins for bone fixation available 

Ring Components

Rings provide multiple connection points designed to minimize hardware interference

  • Statix Footplate Footplate
  • Statix Full Ring Full Ring
  • Partial Ring Partial Ring
  • Half Ring
  • 3/8 Ring 3/8 Ring

Hardware Components

External fixation includes various options for wire fixation bolts, half pin bolts, plates and posts, hinges, washers, support rods, and linear distractors.

  • Wire Fixation Bolt Wire Fixation Bolt
  • Half-Pin Bolt
  • External Fixation Posts Posts
  • Plates
  • CHI Washers
  • Lesser Female Hinge
  • Universal Hinge Universal Hinge
  • Medium and Large Counting Nut Counting Nuts
  • Oblique Support Oblique Support
  • Threaded Rods Threaded Rod
  • Linear Distractor Linear Distractor
  • Olive Wires Olive Wires

Statix External Fixation Frame Removal