Small Cannulated Headless Screws


Dual thread headless compression screws are available in 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.2mm sizes

Hand Sharpened Cutting Tips. Dual Thread Compression. Unparalleled Bite.

Forefoot Surgery Hammertoe Headless Screw and Staple.jpg

Headless screws feature dual threads to provide enhanced compression

All screws are self-drilling and self-tapping, featuring individually hand-sharpened cutting tips offering the renowned bite and engagement of Vilex screws. 

  • Pitch ratio offers optimized compression for fixation

  • Cancellous and cortical bone threads provide stable fixation, increased pull out strength, and compression

  • Cannulated headless titanium implants with Hex head offer precise placement

  • Headless feature designed to reduce irritation of soft tissue and articulating surfaces in hand and foot

2.0mm available in lengths from 6-50mm: 1mm increments from 6-30mm, 2mm increments  30-40mm, 45mm, and 50mm

2.5mm available in lengths from 10-24mm

3.0mm available in lengths from 10-44mm and specialized short threads

4.2mm available in lengths from 16-60mm


X-Ray_Hand DIP-Fusion-Surgery.jpg
X-Ray-Lapidus Arthrodesis Vilex Headless Screw.jpg
X-Ray-Vilex Lisfranc-Headless-Cannulated-Screw-
X-Ray Cannulated Screw MTP Fusion First Metatarsal