Corex Bone Harvester Benefits

Corex Minimally Invasive Bone Harvester
Corex minimally invasive bone harvest calcaneal graft
  • A time-tested, financially responsible alternative utilizing the patient’s natural bone tissue versus costly bone substitutes or biologics with relatively little clinical validation

  • Provides autogenous bone with all growth factors required for bone regeneration

  • Suitable for harvesting from the calcaneus, proximal tibia, distal femur, proximal femur and the iliac crest

  • Designed to reduce operative time, blood loss and donor site morbitity

  • Patented capture mechanism for bone harvesting via small cortical access “window” created by attached trocar.

  • 7mm and 9mm disposable single patient use

Easy to Use

Corex Minimally Invasive Bone Harvest Capture

Corex Animation