The Titanex I Cannulated Screw System is a premiere implant and delivery system available in 2.0mm, 3.0mm, and 4.0mm sizes.

Hand Sharpened. Optimized Thread Lengths. Stronger Guide Wire.

Titanex implants are self-drilling and self-tapping fixation devices featuring individually hand-sharpened cutting tips offering the renowned bite and engagement of Vilex screws. 

Optimized thread lengths are designed to enable proper thread placement across osteotomies.

Reverse cutting flutes facilitate easier implant removal.

Titanium implants are designed with low profile heads to minimize soft-tissue irritation while offering maximum compression.

3.0mm and 4.0mm accept 1.4mm guide wires offering greater stiffness and reducing bent wires in surgery.



Hexalobe Drive

Titanex implants utilize a hexalobe drive mechanism for greater torque control providing improved driver engagement versus competing implants.

Higher torque may be beneficial when encountering hard bone. Drive mechanism designed to reduce wear on driver.


Implant Specific Instrumentation

Each implant size has color-coded instrumentation for intraoperative identification. 

Countersinks are designed to precisely match implant heads.

Surgeons have the option of ratcheting or non-ratcheting handles.

Titanex Tray System

System features a modular caddy tray design. Tray construction includes a universal components caddy and three self-contained color-coded implant specific instrumentation caddies in one sterilization tray.

Vilex Titanex Screw Tray