The TOV family of subtalar implants features the original TOV implant and Talex implant, the evolution of the subtalar implant for flatfoot correction

Subtalar Implants

  • Color-coded, radio-opaque trial sizers and implants for intraoperative identification and placement verification

  • Cannulated implants and instrumentation facilitate precise implant positioning in the sinus tarsi

  • Patented reverse thread removal method and positioning technique

  • Minimially invasive procedure


A New Choice for Talotarsal Stabilization and Flatfoot Correction


Talex Subtalar Stabilization System Features

  • Toroid shaped titanium implants head designed to realign the rotational axis of talar motion and stem for medial anchoring in the sinus tarsi. 

  • Available in 6 anatomic sizes to meet most clinical needs

  • Implants are engineered to more closely match the anatomy of the sinus tarsi

  • Implants feature Grippex™ threads designed to improve bite and to reduce potential of rotational backout

  • Axial cut channels and cross holes designed to facilitate soft tissue ingrowth

  • Radio-opaque trials accurately match corresponding implant geometry and allow verification of placement.

  • Hexalobe drive improves driving force

  • Ergonomically designed comfort-fit instrumentation and removal tool

Talex Anatomy.jpg

TOV System Features and Benefits

  • Conical titanium implants designed to accommodate the anatomy of the sinus tarsi and facilitate correction of flatfoot deformities

  • Non-cutting threads designed to preserve anatomy and minimize discomfort while resisting implant migration or displacement

  • Tapered implant design allows gradual adjustment of correction 

  • Implants available in 5 sizes to meet most patient anatomy. Additional sizes are available upon request

  • Radio-opaque trials accurately match corresponding implant geometry and allow verification of placement

  • Hex drive mechanism

  • System features patented removal tool

TOV Benefits.jpg

Talex Removal.jpg

Subtalar Implant Removal Technique

If a TOV or Talex subtalar implant is to be removed whether as part of the initial surgical procedure or during a subsequent procedure, a dedicated removal tool has been created for this purpose. This process may be performed with or without the guide wire in place.

TOV removal.jpg

Both the Talex and TOV implants are designed with this feature and each system contains a dedicated removal device.

TOV Surgical Demonstration