The (CHI) Cannulated Hemi Implants are designed for 1st MPJ Arthroplasty of the Metatarsal Head or Phalangeal Base.

System Benefits

Hemi implant range of motion_restoring mobility
  • The Vilex (CHI) Cannulated Hemi Implant System facilitates intraoperative decision making providing two surgical options in one tray.

  • Five sizes of phalangeal (base) or a metatarsal (head) implants are available in compact tray.

  • Cannulated system offers precise placement of implant, simplifying surgery and reducing OR times.

  • Color-coded implants and sizes for ease intraoperative identification

  • Implants designed to minimize bone resection in order to preserve limb length and soft tissue structures.

  • Cannulated hemi implants offer the patient and surgeon options for future care, including fusion, if necessary.

  • Cannulation offers reproducible ease of use, proper placement, simplifies removal, and reduces trauma to the patient.

  • Implant stem designed to engage the inner cortex of the medullary canal to improve bite and reduce rotational backout.

1st MPJ Hemi Implant Tray
Hemi Implant Sizers and Implants.jpg

Phalangeal Base Implant

Vilex CHI Hemi Implant_Phalanx

Elliptical, concave base implants are manufactured from titanium for biocompatibility or cobalt chrome depending on clinical need.

X-Ray Hallux Rigidus Vilex Hemi Implant.jpg

Metatarsal Head Implant

Vilex CHI Hemi Implant_Metatarsal Head

Spherical, concave head implants are manufactured from cobalt chrome with mirror-finished designed to minimize friction. 

X-Ray Lateral Vilex Metatarsal Head Hemi Implant
Dorsal X-ray Met head 1st.jpg

Without any condition or equivocation Vilex does not recommend the replacement of both the base of the phalanx and the metatarsal head of the same joint.

Hydroxyapatite Coating

Base and Head implants are available with HA coating. 

Hydroxyapatite Hemi Implant Coating