Rotary Accessories

  • Single use, individually packaged, non-sterile
  • Manufactured from USA surgical stainless steel
  • Hand ground flutes
  • OAL-overall length
  • An "R" on the end of the number represents rounded end
  • Order an "N" for J-notch end

Side Cutting Burrs

Oval/Egg Shape Burrs


AO Twist Drills


Wire Pass Drills


1.0 x 50(mm) O.A.

Sizes available: 1.0, 1.5, & 2.0mm

One-Step Drill

Developed to assist in rigid internal fixation following osteotomy bunion procedures.

Product No: DOS271965R (Old No. 900-666C)

The ONE STEP DRILL™ allows for the creation of the initial hole, over drill, and the countersink for preparation of fixation with a 2.7mm screw, all in one step. The ONE STEP DRILL™ will serve its purpose in 90% of all osteotomy bunionectomy cases since the commonly used screw sizes range from 14mm - 18mm. The ONE STEP DRILL™ has a 2.3mm (.093") diameter shaft and can be used in most power instruments and Jacob chucks. For additional site access, the ONE STEP DRILL™ is available in 65mm and 70mm overall shaft.