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About Vilex Inc.

Vilex® in Tennessee, Inc. (Vilex®) is a privately-owned company, headquartered in McMinnville, Tennessee.

Vilex is a high growth manufacturer of precision engineered extremity solutions for orthopedic and podiatric surgeons. Vilex® offers a broad range of cannulated screws, locking and conventional plates, 1st MPJ joint resurfacing implants, nitinol memory staples, the FUZE TTC ankle fusion implant, subtalar arthroereisis implants, and ring and mono-rail external fixation devices. In addition, through United American Medical (UAM, acquired in 2001), Vilex® offers a power equipment such as wire drivers, drills, and oscillating/ reciprocating saws. Vilex® also offers saw blades, guide wires, drills and burrs. All Vilex Internal Fixation products are manufactured in the USA.

Vilex® markets its products throughout the USA and Europe - primarily through independent sales representatives.

About Dr. Abraham Lavi

Abraham “Abe” Lavi founded Vilex, Inc. in 1996, a medical device manufacturer for upper and lower extremities. He has been instrumental in the development of a broad range of devices including miniature and Charcot reconstruction cannulated screws, small joint resurfacing in foot and hand, ring and monorail external fixators, ankle fusion intramedullary compression nail, subtalar arthroereisis, small-bone plating systems, and numerous specialized surgical instruments. In 2001, Vilex acquired UAM®, a well- known podiatry supplier of hand-held power equipment and accessories. Since 2008, Abe Lavi has focused on product development and the training of surgeons in the use of Vilex products.

Abe Lavi holds B. Sc. (Highest Distinction), Purdue University, MS and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, all in Electrical Engineering. Abe also has an MBA degree in finance and accounting from the University of Pittsburgh. From 1959 through 1997, he was a member of the electrical engineering faculty at Carnegie Mellon. In 2006, the New York College of Podiatric Medicine awarded him an Honorary Degree of Humane Letters.

In his tenure at the University, Dr. Lavi conducted research in electromagnetics, control engineering, system theory and design optimization. He supervised over thirty-five Ph.D. candidates and has written over 100 technical papers. In 1967 he headed an interdisciplinary doctorate program in System & Communication Sciences.

From 1976 to 1978, he became Program Manager of Power System Development for solar energy in the Energy Department in Washington, D.C. Dr. Lavi has had numerous interests beyond his academic career. For years, he consulted for IBM, Bell Labs, Westinghouse R&D, and numerous institutions in industry and government. In 1979 he founded ERDI, Inc. an energy company and in 1983 he founded a point-of-sale TV advertising company (COLTv) for super markets.

Dr. Lavi resides in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. He is married and the father of four adult children.


Vilex Introduces FUZE™ - TTC Arthrodesis Compression Nail

The New York College of Podiatric Medicine

Vilex Fuze™ Provides Surgical Advance through Compression by Fusing Tibiotalar and Talocalcaneal Joints
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The Post-Graduate Mini-Fellowship Program

The New York College of Podiatric Medicine

A Post-Graduate Mini-Fellowship program for surgical training of the New York Metro Hospitals' Podiatry Residents, sponsored by Vilex, Inc., was held recently at NYCPM.
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